Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So here are the winning pictures!!

For Chick Lit group

and for Chick Lit 101

I love both pictures!! And I'm hoping these two groups will soon be overflowing with new discussions!

So here's a question for you,
Who is your favorite Chick Flick Actor & Actress?

My absolute favorite actress is Julia Roberts! Nobody can cry like her!!
And I absolutely LOVE Mel Gibson!!!
Though I have to say I also love George Clooney in One Fine Day! And Hugh Grant in...well everything he's ever done!

How about you guys? Any favorites?

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Samantha Betts said...

Gerard Butler - definitely, especially P.S. I Love You. You're right about Hugh Grant. He is, quite possibly the king of chick flicks! George Clooney - like SJP said in "Sex and the City", "Clooney is like a Chanel suit; he'll never go out style".

I love Julia Roberts too, but I think Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock are good stand-bys. Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, and Anne Hathaway are becoming new favorites.

I'm really indecisive. I can't just have one favorite!